So some niggaz in my town try to break into my car they broke into my first car shattered the window now my new car they tried to drill thru the door…ima find out who it was jus like I found out last time and its gunna be a wrap for y’all …obviously it’s somebody that knows me and knows what I have in my car it’s over for u real talk…and if its the Honda boys I kno all y’all live on the abc blocks

We live over here come thru and get what u need

My prayers go out..this world is sick I’m tired of all this BS happening to innocent ppl I hope the ones who caused this rot in hell

Me and the homie @y_drolix590 faded at my bday party

Me and my cousins @mon3y_grip and @kevin_klein

Come thru we gunna be live #turnup

At the shop wit my bro @djlolo_fg and my pops eatin like a real Dominican ya tu sabe

We gunna be #TurntUp

FOR SALE: 2002 Honda civic EX coupe great condition the only minor defect is the dent on the hood and some scratches on the front bumper …new brakes, jus had a oil change last week, has a 1200 navigation radio, 1100 sound system and about 159k miles on it…asking price 4,000 price is negotiable hmu for more info at 516-847-5084 or at

I’m live on google “R3D Cellz” SIM cards, accessories, cellphones, fix broken screens and computers plus more …grand opening May 10th, 2013